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always be true tino by alexis morgan

I'm not sure where May went, but here we are already in June! I'm seriously looking forward to some summer weather. Our spring here in the Pacific Northwest was pretty typical-some gorgeous sunny days mixed in with a lot of damp cool weather. I'm not a fan of really hot weather, but I do enjoy sitting out on the deck reading while soaking up a few rays.

We're about four months out now from the release of the second Sgt. Joe's Boys book. ALWAYS BE TRUE: TINO will be out the first week of October. The book is finished except for the last round of polishing. I can't wait for you all to meet Natalie-and her grandfather who wages an ongoing battle with the beagle who lives next door.

I've also finished the first draft on the third book in the series-LOVE, ALWAYS AND FOREVER: MIKHAIL. I love the relationship between the three brothers. While they aren't above giving each other a lot of grief, they stand united against the world.

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