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Dear Readers,

While I care about all of my characters, I have to admit that the Paladins have always held a special spot in my heart. Those guys are definitely in a class by themselves and everything I love in a hero—brave, honorable, and so hot! Then there are those sexy Kalith warriors, too!

So it's with great excitement that I'd like to announce that I have just accepted a contract to write two more full-length Paladin e-books for Pocket Star! I don't have official release dates yet, but the first one will most likely be out in Summer 2018. I know that's a long way away, but I have to actually write the book first!

There will be new characters, but rest assured some old favorites will put in appearances as well. In addition, the guys will forge some new alliances and face new challenges.

I'll share more details as time goes on. Thanks to everyone who have always loved the Paladins and have kept asking for more. That means so much to me (and them.)

Finally, Happy Mother's Day—don't forget to let all of the women in your life know how special they are.

Take care,

happy mother's day


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