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Alexis Morgan USA Today Bestselling Author
Alexis Morgan USA Today Bestselling Author

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Dear Readers,

I hope you're enjoying a gorgeous fall wherever you are. As I write this, our trees are just starting to turn colors. Oddly enough, one of the first signs of fall here in the Pacific Northwest is that spider webs start appearing everywhere. While I'm not overly fond of spiders, I do admire their talent in creating such beautiful webs. They're especially lovely (the webs, not the spiders) in the morning when they shine with dew.

I'm still waiting to get a firm publishing date on the next Paladin book, but I'm hoping to have that information soon. By the time you read this, the manuscript will be in my editor's hands as well as the synopsis for the second book. I can't share details on that one until the story idea is approved, but I can tell you the hero is someone you've met before. More details to come soon. I promise!

Also, last month I published a short story here on the website, saying that the characters were the kind who only gave me one brief glance of their story. Well, after much nagging on my part, they've told me a little more. Please check it out.

And though it's a bit early as I'm writing this, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween!

Take care,

happy halloween


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