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Bridey peeked out of the window for the third time in the last hour. "Anybody know what the weather report is for this afternoon and evening? It's looking pretty ominous out there right now."

Sadly, she wasn't the only one fretting about the weather. Both of the mothers had been taking turns peering out at the sky with worried looks on their faces. Abby wished they'd all quit fretting about the weather. If it rained, it rained. She and Tripp had specifically rented the tents so they didn't have to fret about such things.

Rather than point that out, Abby said, "Don't worry, Bridey. It will be fine no matter what."

Her friend didn't look all that reassured. "I just want the day to be perfect for you and Tripp."

Abby tried again. "It will be. All that really matters is that our friends and family are with us today."

That was true. Granted, she and Tripp had originally been tempted to elope rather than try to pull together a wedding in such a short time. But in the end, they were both happy they hadn't done that. It would have disappointed far too many people.

She just wished that time would pick up speed. It was still three hours before she needed to get dressed for the ceremony, and she was running out of ideas on how to keep the moms and Bridey focused on something other than everything that could go wrong. Seriously, did it really matter if the deejay played the wrong song when she and Tripp stepped out onto the floor for their first dance as a married couple? And who cared if some of the plastic flatware was mismatched?

Her phone pinged. What now?

But when she read Tripp's message, she couldn't help but smile. Just FYI, it's not too late to get two first class seats on the five o'clock flight to Las Vegas. Just say the word, and I'll come home to grab my bags and pick you up in fifteen minutes.

She grinned and started typing. I can't. They've got me tied to the chair to make sure we didn't try to stage an escape.

He responded with an emoji with a puzzled look on its face. If you're tied up, how are you typing?

That had her snickering. I'm using my ninja mental skills to communicate.

Yeah, right. So, I'm guessing that's a firm no on heading for the airport.

Sadly, yes. Besides, I hear there's a handsome guy who wants to dance with me tonight.

Would that be Gil or Gary? I've also heard Gage plans to ask you to dance with him, too.

Very funny. I was talking about you. But, yes, I'll dance with them if they ask, but you can't complain about that. From what I hear, your dance card is pretty full, too. I know Jean, Glenda, and Louise are expecting to check out your dancing skills.

**groan** So I hear.

You know you love them.

Yeah, I do.

From what I hear, Jean plans to be seated on the groom's family side of the aisle.

Bless her heart, she told me she considers me an adopted grandson.

A high honor, indeed. On a different subject, what are you and the guys doing?

Dad is circling the tents again to double-check all of the tent pegs and ropes were done right. Owen is busy in the food truck. Gage is helping the rest of the veterans group set up chairs and tables. I'm sitting on top of a picnic table and supervising. 😀

Sounds like fun. Personally, I'm getting constant updates on the weather outside of the window. Evidently some people think we'll all melt if it rains.

Oops, gotta go. Seems my opinion is needed on how far apart the rows of chairs should be.

Have fun. Can't wait to see you.

Love you, future Mrs. Blackston.

Love you back, big guy.

Suddenly, she realized that she was being stared at by the other three women in the room. "What?"

Her mother rolled her eyes. "We were wondering if you'd like to eat a little something for lunch before it's time to start getting ready."

"Sorry, I didn't hear you."

Bridey snickered. "Ya think? We asked you three times before you finally looked up."

"I was busy texting."

"We know. We all figured it was Tripp. No one else puts that look on your face."

Tripp's mom was looking pretty suspicious as she joined the conversation. "Was he giving you one last chance to elope?"

"He was joking." Well, mostly. Maybe. "But we're done chatting. Seems the crew from the veterans group who are setting up the chairs needed his opinion on something."

Bridey stood up, put her hands on her low back, and then stretched. "Back to the subject at hand. I don't know about the rest of you, but I could really use a snack about now."

Then she grabbed her huge belly. "Wow, someone is restless today. That was quite a kick."

Tripp's mom gave her a considering look. "When are you due?

Bridey grimaced. "Technically, next week, but the doctor says the baby could come sooner. I've given the baby a stern lecture about not causing a scene at the wedding tonight."

"I bet you're excited."

By that pointed, Bridey looked more worried than happy. "We're anxious to meet our baby face-to-face, but we're also terrified. Seems we're about to become responsible for a tiny little person even though neither of us have any experience. Granted, we've taken the classes and read a bunch of books, but that doesn't seem like enough."

Abby's mother walked put her arm around Bridey's shoulders. "Babies might not come with instruction manuals, but somehow we all manage to get the hang of taking care of them pretty quickly. Besides, at first they only need cuddles, sleep, nourishment, and a dry diaper. By the time they're mobile, you'll have plenty of practice under your belt."

Bridey looked a little happier. "I'll be sure to share that wisdom with my husband. Hopefully that will help him relax a little."

Abby thought maybe she should also write down that advice. That way she and Tripp could refer to it in the future. Both of them were anxious to start their own family, not that they'd admitted that to anyone as yet. The two mothers were already freaked out enough by the unexpected wedding. It would be time enough to talk about grandchildren when the time came.

Time to hit the road if they wanted to be back on time. "Hey, what do you say we head for the Gary's Drive-in for lunch? I'm in the mood for one of Gary's burgers. My treat."

Bridey's face lit up. "Only if I can have one of his strawberry shakes."

Abby looped her arm through her friend's. "Lady, you can have anything you want. Let's go."


A big hand came down hard on Tripp's shoulder. "How are you holding up?"

Tripp looked up at Gage and shrugged. "So far, so good."

He glanced around to see who else was within hearing before whispering, "I texted Abby to let her know we could still make the five o'clock flight to Vegas. She thinks I was kidding."

Gage's laughter rang out across the park. "Do you know how many people would kill you for even daring to consider that idea?"

"Yeah, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gone through with it even if she'd said yes."

His friend joined him sitting on the top of the picnic table to stare out at the river. "I can remember panicking on the day of my own wedding. All I wanted was to be married to the woman I loved. It was the 'getting married' part that was terrifying."

That was good to know. Tripp nudged Gage's shoulder with his own. "Glad to hear that it isn't just me."

"No, I'm pretty sure every groom feels that way. Brides, too, probably. The thing is, I promise you that as soon as you see Abby walking down the aisle toward you, everything will be okay. And after you both say 'I do,' you can both relax and have fun."

Gil was headed their way. "We're done setting everything up. We thought we'd head out to Gary's Drive-in for lunch. Want to come?"

Actually, Tripp would have preferred to go hang out with Abby until it was time to get dressed for the big event. But for some reason, Phoebe and his own mother were insisting that he and Abby had to follow the old tradition that said it was bad luck if the bride and groom saw each other the day of the wedding, at least until she walked down the aisle. Considering he'd been sleeping on Abby's couch every night since his parents arrived, the superstition seemed pretty ridiculous.

At least hanging out with his friends would give him something to do other than twiddling his thumbs until showtime. He stood up and stretched. "A double cheeseburger sounds like a fine idea. Come on, Gage. You can ride with me and my dad."