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Alexis Morgan USA Today Bestselling Author
Alexis Morgan USA Today Bestselling Author

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Dear Readers,

We're well into fall now, and the leaves are turning as I write this. One of the first signs that the season is changing here in the Pacific Northwest is the appearance of spider webs draped on bushes, porch railings, and even on my car! Maybe they're there year round, but they become more obvious when the early morning dew on these cool fall mornings makes them glisten. Not a huge fan of creepy-crawlies, but their webs are works of art!

I've been working hard to finish what will be the third book in my upcoming cozy mystery series. The first book, DEATH BY COMMITTEE, will be out next spring. I can't wait for everybody to get a chance to visit Snowberry Creek again. Although this is a mystery rather than a romance, you'll still get to visit with some old friends. Gage Logan for one, but there will be others, too.

One note: I'm on deadline right now and haven't decided what story I want to write for the A Little Something Extra next. Instead, I've posted a downloadable PDF of TRAHERN-A MAN ON A MISSION, when Trahern proposes to Brenna. I hope you enjoy revisiting their story.

Take care,

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