Sometimes it’s nice to get a new perspective on a story—you know, to see it through someone else’s eyes besides the hero and heroine. And when that someone else is a hero in his own right, that just makes it that much more special.

With that in mind, this month’s interview is with Mooch, the dog who adopted three soldiers in Afghanistan and came home with them to make sure they got their lives back on track.

Alexis: Hi, Mooch! Thank you for agreeing to talk to me today. I know Nick, Leif, and Spence have no idea that you can actually speak, and I promise that will remain our secret.

Mooch: I’m glad to be here. And it’s better the guys never know that I can talk. For their sakes, I needed them to trust me with their secrets, especially when things weren’t going well and they needed someone to talk to about their problems. If they thought I could go blabbing to their friends, it wouldn’t have been pretty.

Alexis: For a while there, they sure kept you busy! I know you spent a lot of hours patrolling with Nick when he couldn’t sleep and needed to know that the enemy wasn’t lurking in the woods around the house.

Mooch: True enough. Then there was Leif when he was hurting, both inside and out. I think stroking my fur did as much for him as any of those pills the doctors gave him. Personally, I think he would have been better off chewing on a rawhide bone when things got rough for him. At least that wouldn’t have made his head all fuzzy inside.

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Alexis (laughing): Now there’s a picture for you—a tough soldier gnawing on a chew toy! My grandpuppy has an ear of corn doggy toy that he likes to chomp on. Maybe I should buy some for Leif and the others.

Mooch (ears perking up): Yeah, and if the guys don’t like them, they can always add them to my collection.

Alexis: And if they say no when I offer them some salmon jerky treats, I’m sure you’d happily step up to bat and eat it all for them so the stuff wouldn’t go to waste.

Mooch (sporting a huge doggy grin): Yeah, but I’d feel a little bad for ending up with all the goodies—but just a little.

Alexis: Well, now that we’ve got all that settled, how are Nick, Leif, and Spence doing these days?

Mooch: They all still have the occasional day when the past comes back to haunt them, but those are getting fewer and farther in between. When that happens, I take them on long runs or cheer them up by staging attacks on the squirrels in the yard. I hate those sneaky little jerks, but they do provide me hours of entertainment.

Alexis: I’m glad the guys are doing okay, and I know they appreciate all that you’ve done for them. After all, you saved their lives that day in Afghanistan and helped them heal when they came home.

Mooch: All of that is true but don’t forget that they saved me, too!

Alexis: So they did. So here’s your salmon jerky, and I’ll see about getting you that chew toy I mentioned. Take care, Mooch.

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