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Alexis Morgan USA Today Bestselling Author
Alexis Morgan USA Today Bestselling Author

spring has sprung

Dear Readers,

Well, it finally feels as if spring has arrived. Day by day, the trees around our house come into bloom-cherries, dogwoods, and crabapples. So, so pretty. It's one of my favorite times of the year. Baseball season has also started, but all I'll say on that topic is, "GO MARINERS!"

I've been working hard on the second installment in my mystery series and having great fun with that. It definitely stretches a few different writing muscles, but I'd like to think that helps keep my writing overall fresh and fun.

The newest installment in my serialized novella MAN TROUBLES, has posted here on my website in the A LITTLE SOMETHING EXTRA section. I hope you're enjoying reading about Silas and Lydia. I have a soft spot in my heart for werewolves, although Silas keeps reminding me that he prefers the term twin-souled.

Finally, we're only about two months out from the release of IN DARKNESS TRANSFORMED, my new Paladin e-book. I want to thank everyone who has let me know they're excited to read a new Paladin story.

Take care,

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