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Dear Readers,

I'm so excited that October is finally here! Always be True: Tino, the second book in my Sgt. Joe's Boys Trilogy will be released on October 4th. You first met Tino in Jack's story (Always for You: Jack), but now you'll get the chance to learn so much more about him. He definitely meets his match in Natalie Kennigan. Considering their very different backgrounds, it would be easy to think they would have nothing in common. But down deep, where it really counts, these two are a perfect pair!

Some books are harder to write than others, and this was one of them. It wasn't Tino's fault or Natalie's, for that matter. I kept trying to shove them in a direction they didn't want to go. Luckily, they were both too stubborn to let that happen. When I finally stopped and really listened to what they were trying to tell me, the book practically wrote itself.

Meanwhile, I'm in the final edit stages on Love, Always and Forever, which is Mikhail's story. He's the baby of the family (although he would have me remind you that there is only ten months' difference between him and Jack, the oldest of the three brothers.) His book will be out next March.

Take care,



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