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Alexis Morgan
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alexis morgan's lone wolf's woman part 7

Declan's howl of challenge gradually faded into silence, leaving everyone in the compound stirring restlessly as they waited to see what happened next. How long would they all stand around waiting to see if Rolf would make an appearance? Their Alpha had to know that if he refused to accept the challenge or even just chose to ignore it completely, his rule over the pack would be on shaky ground going forward. At least it would be in a normal pack.

Granted, the coward could simply claim that Declan had no standing to challenge and refuse to fight him. But unless he answered Declan face to face, his people would always remember that Rolf had to respond to a legitimate threat.

Declan wasn't about to allow him that option. Vivian would never know peace if they didn't settle the problem that Rolf presented. Even if Declan had to dig him out of whatever hole he was hiding in, the two of them were going to face each other for control of the pack.

After another minute passed, the Beta tried to bluff Declan into accepting defeat by default. "I guess the Alpha doesn't think you're worthy of a fight. You and your fanged friend might as well leave now."

He shifted his gaze to Vivian and jabbed a blunt finger in her direction. "You, though, aren't going anywhere. The Alpha will want to deal with you personally."

"Jack, Joey—take her back to the cell."

By that point, Logan had moved up next to Vivian's other side. Declan didn't have to look at him to know his friend's fangs were on full display, his eyes sweeping the spectators as if choosing which one would be the first to feel the bite of his fury.

Two men looked at each other as if waiting to see which one of them was going to make the first move toward Vivian. Neither seemed anxious to take on the job, especially with both Declan and Logan there to stop them.

Once again Vivian spoke up. "Jack, Joey. It's been a long time. My father respected both of you, thought you were good and decent men, the kind that any pack leader would trust to have his back. Jack, everyone knew you were in line to become the Beta after your father retired. Instead, you're taking orders from this idiot. Is that what you want for yourself? How about for your son? Doesn't Joey deserve better?"

Jack jerked back a step as if her words had slammed into his chest. "Damn it, Vivian, you haven't been here. You don't know what it's been like."

"Well, I'm back now, and things are going to change." She gave Phil another disgusted look. "Your master can't hide forever. This reckoning has been a long time coming, but he's going to pay for what he's done. Not just to me, but to all of you. Tell him either he comes to us, or we'll come for him."

The Beta snarled, "Don't you try bossing me around. I don't take orders from females."

She laughed. "I'm not trying to boss you around, Phil. I am bossing you around. You've got two choices right now. Either go tell Rolf to get his ass out here or leave the compound for good while you can. You might stand a better chance of living longer if you pick the latter, but I'm guessing you're not smart enough to do that."

Declan laughed. "You've got that right, babe."

He gave her a quick kiss and then howled again. This time there was an answer. A few seconds later, a man stepped out of a doorway at the far end of the street. "Looks like the party finally is about to start. Please stay back out of the way where Logan can protect you. I wouldn't put it past Phil or one of the others loyal to Rolf to make a grab for you. They know I won't risk your life to save my own."

The fire in her eyes was sexy as hell, but now wasn't the time. He cupped her cheeks with his hand. "Promise me."

She jerked her head in a quick nod, gave him one more kiss, and said, "End this. I have plans for us later."

He smiled as he turned to face the enemy.


alexis morgan's lone wolf part 14

Vivian watched Rolf approach. She was shocked to see how very ordinary he looked. If he'd walked by her on the street, she doubted she would have even noticed him. But somehow over the months since she'd escaped, her mind had built him up to be some kind of monster, a wolf who could rain terror down on her and everyone else.

That was before she met Declan and learned what a true Alpha could be. It wasn't a matter of just strength or the ability to win a vicious fight. Declan could do both of those things, but he also had honor and a protective streak a mile wide. He would never lead from behind. Instead, he'd be at the front of the pack to face whatever danger had presented itself.

As Rolf slowly sauntered across the compound toward them, it was clear his ego blinded him to the threat he was facing. A kinder, gentler woman would hope that he would simply surrender to Declan's challenge and slink away with Phil and others like him following in his footsteps. But she wasn't simply a woman. She was also a wolf, even if she couldn't shift. The man had murdered her father. It was also clear from the shadows in Jack's eyes that Rolf had been a brutal taskmaster, one who had taken pleasure in tormenting those who might have stood against him.

Rolf needed to die or the pack would never heal. Punish the one to benefit the many.

That didn't mean she relished the thought of seeing him try to kill Declan. She didn't doubt that Declan was the stronger wolf, but he'd be facing an opponent who felt cornered and desperate. There was always the chance he'd convince his Beta or some others to join the fray. Even the best fighter couldn't stand against an entire pack.

The other wolves edged out of their Alpha's way, giving Rolf a clear path to face Declan. He barely acknowledged him or Logan, focusing instead on her. "Brenda said you were back. Leaving was the first mistake you made. Coming back was the second. You won't live long enough to make a third."

She offered him the kind of smile guaranteed to put his teeth on edge. "Do you ever get tired of hearing yourself talk, Rolf? Seriously, no one should love the sound of their own voice that much."

Then she feigned looking surprised. "Oh, I'm sorry. I should have realized that running off at the mouth gives you an excuse to avoid facing the challenge thrown down by a real Alpha. Maybe you should have winked or something if you'd wanted me to play along for a little while. Well, not that I would have."

A couple of muffled laughs from the back of the crowd had Rolf growling low. He cast a dark look in that direction. "Don't think there won't be a reckoning after I deal with this situation."

Silence fell over the crowd. Satisfied he'd put everyone in their place, Rolf finally faced off against Declan, his feet planted wide, his lips curled up in a sneer. If that jerk thought that Declan would find his posturing intimidating, he was bound to be disappointed.

"You have no standing to challenge me. If you want a fight, you start at the bottom and work your way up to me. That's how it works."

Both Logan and Declan shot him looks of disgust, but it was Declan who responded. "No, that's not how it works. An Alpha defends his pack, not the other way around. If you're too cowardly to take on a legitimate challenge, say so. Don't make your people suffer in the hope that I'll be too tired to deal with a weakling like you. You'll still die."

Declan stared at Rolf long and hard. "Fists or fangs?"

As he waited for Rolf to respond, Declan yanked his shirt off over his head and tossed it aside. After toeing off his shoes, he stopped and waited for Rolf to respond.

Rolf pointed at Joey. "Take him, kid."

The young wolf stumbled back a step before he could stop himself. Jack immediately put himself between Rolf and his son. "No, you're not going to sacrifice my son."

The Alpha shrugged. "Fine, you go first if that's what you want."

By that point, Declan was growling deep in his chest. "Coward, you can't claim all the privileges of being the Alpha and not take on the duties of the office. Do you honestly think these people will continue to allow you to lead them if you fail to value their lives?"

"They will if they want to live."

A ripple of shock rolled through the crowd. Vivian had no idea how it had taken this long for the pack to realize Rolf's true nature. "He murdered my father right in front of you, yet you're surprised that he would let each and every one of you bleed out before he'd lift a finger to protect the pack?"

Jack hung his head in clear shame. "He beat your father fair and square, Vivian."

"I don't deny that. My father knew he didn't have the strength to lead the pack and hoped that Rolf would be a good leader. That's the only reason he accepted the challenge. When he tried to surrender and promised to leave, Rolf killed him anyway. Enough of you were there to witness the fight. You know I speak the truth."

Rolf spat on the ground. "Your father was a weakling. He deserved to die."

Declan took a step closer to Rolf. "By that rule, you'll understand why I show you no mercy today."

Then he stripped out of his jeans, his powerful body already morphing into the gorgeous wolf who had shared her room at the hotel. Her heart in her throat, she waited to see what happened next. She could scent the sweat beading up on Rolf's face from where she stood and knew fear was riding him hard.

Still, he tried to bluff it out. "Who will defend the pack's honor?"

When no one answered, he reached for the back of his jeans and pulled out a pistol and aimed it at Declan. "Don't think I'll forget this betrayal."

The idiot should have shot first and then made his threats. While he was still talking, Declan lunged forward, clamping his teeth down on the man's wrist hard enough to make him drop the gun, but not hard enough to break Rolf's arm. Logan had followed right behind him, stooping to scoop up the pistol before returning to Vivian's side as they both kept a careful eye on the pack.

Evidently Rolf had finally crossed a line that they couldn't accept. Jack spoke for all of them. "You gutless wonder. I'm ashamed to have called you my Alpha for all this time, but no longer. You are nothing to me. To any of us."

In unison, they turned their back on him, renouncing him as their leader. More cornered than ever, Rolf howled and shifted, his clothes shredding as he unleashed his wolf. He and Declan launched into each other, all brute force and wild grace.

Rolf might not like fighting, but that didn't mean he wasn't good at it. No doubt fearing for his very existence added an extra layer of strength and determination to his efforts. It was almost impossible to follow what was happening as the two Alphas crashed into each other again and again, rolling in the dirt in a blur of dust and blood. When she whimpered, Logan slid his arm around her, holding her close as they waited for the fight to end and the dying to start.

The pack had turned back to stand witness to the fight. No one made a sound, instead watching in stoic silence as they waited for their own fate to be decided. It felt like hours, but the battle lasted only a few minutes. Her heart nearly stopped when Declan remained on the ground while Rolf staggered to his feet.

She started forward, but Logan yanked her back. "Not yet, Viv. It has to play out to the end."

Her heart was breaking as she waited for Rolf to slaughter Declan just as he had her father. But instead, Declan slowly pushed himself back up to his feet. His breath came in gasps, and blood dripped from his shoulder to the ground. He took a wobbly step toward the other wolf, snarling with his teeth bared.

Instead of turning to fight, Rolf took a single step toward the gate as if hoping to escape. He fell over before he could take a second. That was when Vivian noticed the river of blood pouring from his throat. Declan stood over him, his own sides working like a bellows as he waited and watched.

With a final sigh, Rolf breathed his last, his rule of terror finally over.

Vivian charged forward to help her mate. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she sobbed in relief.


Logan stood between his friends and the pack, giving them time to reassure each other that they'd come through the battle victorious if not unscathed. When Phil took a step toward them, Logan took aim and prepared to put the wolf down. Realizing the danger he was in, Phil laid down his own weapon and raised his hands.

"I'm a medic. I'll see to the Alpha's wounds."

Joey spoke up. "I'll get your kit."

He was off and running before Logan could stop him. It didn't help that there was possible danger approaching from outside of the camp. Declan still wasn't in any shape to react, so Logan snapped out orders in a tone that made it clear he expected them to be obeyed.

"Someone is coming. I suspect they're no threat to your new Alpha, but remain on guard until we know for sure."

When the pack spread out to defend the front gate, he edged closer to Vivian and her mate. "Declan, a vehicle is approaching. I know you hurt like hell, but you need to take charge."

It took his friend longer than usual to shift to two feet from four. Even when he was upright, he looked as if the slightest breeze would knock him over. Vivian picked up his clothes and helped him get dressed as Logan held him steady. Phil got close enough to assess Declan's injuries. "You need stitches."

Declan snarled, not ready to accept assistance from a stranger. "It can wait."

Surprisingly, the Beta stood his ground. "At least let me slap a pressure bandage on your side. You won't be of any use to the pack or your mate if you bleed to death out of sheer pigheaded stubbornness."

Vivian couldn't help but laugh at the look on her mate's face. Still grumbling, he yanked his shirt back up. "Make it quick."

The other wolf did as ordered. By that point, a SUV similar to Logan's had rolled to a stop just shy of the gate. As soon as the first man got out of the passenger side, Declan relaxed and signaled for one of the guards to open the gates.

He kept his eyes pinned on the unexpected visitors as he spoke just loud enough for her and Logan to hear him. "Well, babe, looks like you're going to meet the in-laws sooner than you expected to."

She swallowed hard and did her best to stand tall. It was the best she could do to make a good impression, considering she was covered in Declan's blood and was the reason he'd just fought a fight that could have cost him his life.