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vampire vendettaVAMPIRE VENDETTA
by Alexis Morgan
ISBN-10: 0373618352
ISBN-13: 978-0373618354

Silhouette Nocturne
May 1, 2010   kindle   nook

Hell hath no fury like a passion-hungry vampire bent on justice in Alexis Morgan's sexy new saga

As the lone survivor of his vampire clan, Seamus Fitzhugh lives only for revenge. And now that he's infiltrated the compound of his enemy his chance has come...until he rescues a stunning hybrid from certain death. Megan Perez is a woman on the run from her own demons, and she's a distraction that could cost them both their lives. But the passion that burns between them is too hot to ignore, and not even the threat of danger can keep them apart.

Now their fates are intertwined--for better or worse--as they risk everything to experience the ultimate sensual release as evil closes in all around them. Seamus must weigh how far he will go in the pursuit of vengeance...or love.



Chapter 1

Had these human cattle never seen a vampire before?

Seamus had gone too long since his last feeding and their rapid pulses were straining his control. As he sidestepped his way down the narrow aisle toward the nearest exit, he flashed his fangs at those closest to him, sneering when they shrank back in fear. The only exceptions were a couple of Chancellors in the last seat. At least they kept their own fangs safely out of sight. Their mixed blood might give them strength of their vampire ancestors, but they weren't stupid enough to challenge a purebred like Seamus. What a shame. Their blood would've given him a much needed energy boost.

The door whooshed closed as soon as he set foot on the rustic platform outside, and the turbo jerked forward to speed on its way, his existence quickly forgotten. He watched as the train departed, taking his old life with it. From this point forward, he was no longer the person he'd been.

Now wasn't the time to think about that, not when he had to reach the entrance before daybreak. He set off at a brisk pace but had to slow down when the path narrowed down to little better than a game trail. The uneven terrain made for rough going as sweat dripped down his face and the strap from his garment bag dug painfully into his shoulder. He'd only packed the bare necessities, the kinds of things that a vampire lacking strong ties to one of the more influential clans could afford: well-worn jeans, a handful of shirts, two lab coats, and his shaving kit.

In his other hand, Seamus carefully clutched a custom-made case containing the tools of his trade, the ones that he hoped would prove to be his way into the O'Day estate. His newly purchased paperwork listed him as a licensed medic, a far cry from his real qualifications. However, a medical school graduate only a few weeks short of being certified as a surgeon would draw far too much attention, something Seamus couldn't afford right now.

He approached the perimeter fence cautiously. High level energy crackled through the wires, pretty much confirming the rumor Rafferty had forked out big money for first rate security around his estate. Turning east, Seamus followed the fence line, finally spotting a cluster of low-lying buildings in the distance.

"That must be the gate."

Maybe he should be embarrassed about talking to himself, but all he could feel was relief that he was on the right track. Besides, lately, if he didn't talk to himself, he had no one to talk to at all. Once word of his half-sister's scandal had filtered through his peers and professors, he'd become totally isolated. It had been weeks since anyone had spoken to him at all except when absolutely necessary.

Among his kind, status was everything. Once that was gone, there was nothing left except for the driving need for revenge. With the death of his half-sister, he was the last of his clan, its lost honor his to defend.

The sky to the east already had a faint pink cast. The first rays of the sun wouldn't harm him. However, if he didn't get inside the compound soon, he'd have to rig some kind of shelter to avoid being fried by the rising sun.

He looked at the dry, dusty ground in disgust. His early ancestors had reportedly dug holes and covered themselves with dirt in order to survive. If his life had reached that point, he'd be better off to burn and be done with it. But he still had a goal to accomplish, one that gave him a powerful reason to keep breathing. With that in mind, he picked up speed. He adjusted the strap of his bag one last time and hurried down the slope, eager to get on with his mission.



"The spellbinding combination of passionate desires, fateful consequences and the supernatural make VAMPIRE VENDETTA totally captivating throughout every enthralling scene." CataRomance, 4.5 Stars!


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