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vampire vendettaBOUND
by Alexis Morgan
ISBN: 978 0263902396 (UK only)

Mills & Boon
Dec. 7, 2012

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The Devil to Play (Michelle Hauf) In a dangerous paranormal world, survival means making sacrifices...The Devil to Pay The Devil had claimed Ivan's soul, so the vampire must enforce His wicked rule. But when Ivan's sent to claim the Book of All Spells, he doesn't expect the protector, gorgeous witch Dez. The book could end the war between witches and vampires, but taking it will ensure Dez's death. Now Ivan must choose - his duty to the dark world or the woman who lights his soul on fire.

Vampire Vendetta (Alexis Morgan) The last survivor of his vampire clan, Seamus lives only for revenge. And his chance has come. But when he rescues human-vampire hybrid Megan from certain death, their fates intertwine. Now, as evil closes in, Seamus must weigh how far he will go in the pursuit of vengeance...or love. For fans of Charlaine Harris and JR Ward.


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alexis morgan on amazon uk