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a vampire's desireA VAMPIRE'S DESIRE
by Alexis Morgan
eISBN: 9781426843570

Nocturne Bite
November 1, 2009.


As a Chancellor, a vampire-human hybrid, Ambrose O'Brien is used to handling tough negotiations between the human and vampire clans of New Eire—except when the challenging and sexy vampire heiress Miranda Connor is involved. Though Ambrose longs to find out if she's as fiesty in the bedroom as she is at the bargaining table, it's unthinkable that an upper-class vampire would ever take a half-breed like him as a lover....

But when Miranda's family is attacked, Ambrose is the only person she can trust. And with an unknown enemy uniting them, the real danger may be their explosive passion....


Miranda was a different matter. While Kurt was all posturing and bravado, Miranda was truly a worthy opponent, one who challenged Ambrose on every level. Whenever he faced her across the conference table, he had to work hard to stay one step ahead of her. The female was both intelligent and spirited. Too bad she was such a high-level member of vampire society. Otherwise he'd be tempted to see if she brought that same feistiness to other areas of her life.

He closed his eyes and imagined the vampire heiress in his bed, her fiery hair spread out on his pillow, those fierce blue eyes trained solely on him as he tasted all of her . . . passions. No doubt she'd be insulted by the very thought of being bedded by a Chancellor. Even with his high rank, she probably still considered him a lowly half-breed.

But even if she was willing, it was a bad idea for a lot of reasons, and Ambrose knew it. The truth was, she'd most likely come after him with her fangs bared for even thinking such a thing, but that didn't mean a male couldn't dream. He smiled at his reflection in the window, his mood definitely on the upswing.

Back to business. He punched in the code to bring up any messages he'd received since leaving for dinner. After quickly scanning the list, he picked out the handful that he'd have to answer personally. The rest he dumped into a file for his assistant to deal with in the morning.

Still restless, he considered his options. The wisest move would be to go home, pour himself a healthy dose of good scotch and catch up on paperwork. Failing that, he could drop in at the casino and play a few hands of poker. Trouble was, his reputation made it difficult to find anyone worth playing with. Sure, winning was fun, but not when it was because everyone else at the table was afraid to call his bluff.

Which brought him back to Miranda. Maybe he should pay an unexpected call on her while the night was still young and find out why she'd stood him up. She had to know that her failure to show up for the dinner wasn't going to help her cause when he made a final ruling on the case. Miranda might be arrogant, but she wasn't stupid.

On the way out of his office, he picked up his leather jacket and slung it over his shoulder. No doubt Miranda would rip into him for daring to show up on her doorstep, especially uninvited and unannounced, but he liked temper in a female. Hell, even her fangs turned him on, making him wish it was his vein she fed from on a regular basis. What would be her reaction if he offered?

When these negotiations were finally done, maybe he'd ask her and watch the fireworks.



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