alexis morgan's the paladins

alexis morgan aka pat pritchard

by Alexis Morgan
ISBN 13: 978-1-4165-4658-0
ISBN 10: 1-4165-4658-8
Publisher: Pocket
Release Date: June 26, 2007

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Alexis Morgan continues her red-hot paranormal series with a mysterious warrior and his forbidden love for a woman whose allegiance lies with his sworn enemy . . . .

Once a warrior for the Others, Barak q'Young is caught between two worlds—exiled from his homeland, and a pariah among his enemies, the Paladins. While hunting a betrayer who's selling the precious blue gems that light the Others' world, Barak must aid geologist Lacey Sebastian in her research for the Paladins. Barak is instantly drawn to the fiery, beautiful woman, but Lacey initially despises the enemy intruder. Soon she sees beyond his violent past, though, finding the dark warrior intriguing—and extremely sexy.

Though neither can resist the passion that blazes between them, Barak is torn between loyalties, hiding a secret gift that could prove useful to Lacey's research, at the sacrifice of his own people. But when Lacey is kidnapped and held hostage, Barak realizes that he will do anything to save her . . . even risk his own life.



Barak's breathing was as ragged. "Lacey, we can't, not here."

He was right, but that didn't make it easy to hear. He rested his forehead against hers as he lifted her hands up to sprinkle a few light kisses across her knuckles. At least he was banking the fire, not trying to extinguish it altogether.

"I want you, Lacey. I spend far too many hours thinking about how it would be to hold you naked in my arms as I pleasure you every way I can think of. The thought of taking you makes me ache." His light eyes held hers prisoner.

The image had her demanding his kiss again. When she tugged him closer, he came willingly.

But then, he said, "But before we go any farther down this path, you have to make sure this is what you really want. I won't take a lover who is embarrassed to be seen with me in public or who only takes me to her bed when she's sure that no one will know."

His words cut through to her heart, hurting her even though his intention was to protect them both. He was right. Kissing him in a fit of temper or even to offer comfort was one thing. Letting everyone in the organization--not to mention her brother--know that she'd invited their enemy into her bed would be a disaster.

He must have read her answer in her eyes because he stepped away, giving her one more measuring look as he left the lab, letting the door swing shut behind him. She'd done the right thing; she knew that for a fact.

But then why did it hurt so much?


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