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Well, I don’t know about all of you, but I can’t believe that summer is all but over. Still we’ve had good weather and lots of sunshine. Now we need to turn our attention toward fall and all the excitement it brings with it. As you know, all the kids (and their parents) are happily gearing up for school to start. I’ve been asked to remind everyone that kids will be out in droves this coming week, especially on Wednesday, which is the first day of school. Please remember to drive extra carefully.

Speaking of students, this month’s spotlight is on Sydney Logan, the daughter of our police chief, Gage Logan. We decided to meet at Something’s Brewing to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and a couple of Bridey’s cupcakes.

Welcome, Sydney, and thanks for visiting with us today.

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Thank you for inviting me, Madam Mayor. (She looks over toward the corner where her father is sitting. He gives her a thumb’s up. Clearly he’s been coaching her. Very cute, Gage!)

We don’t have to be quite the formal, Sydney. Call me Rosalyn if you’d like to.”

(shaking her head) Dad said I shouldn’t do that, you being the mayor and all, but ‘specially because I’m here representing all the baseball players in our town.

Okay, then, I understand why we should keep it a little formal. What would you like to tell us about the baseball players?

(She unfolds a piece of paper and starts to read.) We have a lot of kids who’d like to play baseball and softball but can’t because our current facilities aren’t big enough for the number of kids who’d like to play. We’re going to start raising funds to build a new baseball field, and we would like everyone to do what they can to support us.

What are your plans to raise money?

We’ll be selling candy at all the high school football home games. We’ll also have a bake sale at the Community Church at the end of September. My grandmother and I plan to make her world famous sugar cookies. Everyone loves those, so they’ll go quick.

I’ll be sure to get there early for a chance to get some world famous cookies. My son and I both love cookies. Be sure to keep my office posted on any other plans your group has to raise money, Sydney. We’ll do our best to help out any way we can.

Thank you, Mrs. McKay. (She folds up her notes and heads over to hug her very proud dad.)

So that’s it for this month’s Spotlight. I hope to see you all at the Labor Day Parade!

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