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Hello, everyone, and I hope you've all been enjoying a great start here in the new year! I'm really pleased for the chance to introduce you all to Seth Kyser, a recent addition to our community. Seth, somehow I wasn't surprised that you suggested we meet here at Something's Brewing for a cup of coffee and a pastry.

Well, I do spend a lot of time in here.

So, is it true that you get to test all of the new pastries before the rest of us?

(laughing) It's one of the benefits of being engaged to the owner. And even though Bridey created the plum tarts just for me, she does make me share them.

Besides Bridey, what made you choose Snowberry Creek as your new home?

When I was driving through the area, I happened to wander down a road where I spotted a log cabin home that was for sale. One look and I knew I had to own it. I love the layout of the house in general, but especially that it already had a large room that is a perfect workshop for me.

Speaking of your workshop, can you tell us a little about your amazing art?

As a sculptor, I have worked with various mediums over the years, especially when I was a student. However, I've done most of my work in wood because I love the textures and colors that can be found in the different kinds of wood.

I know you probably get asked all the time where you get your inspiration, but I'm a big fan of your work. How do you capture such grace and motion in your sculpture?

I know this sounds crazy, but when it's all working right, I'll find myself drawn to a specific piece of wood. As I hold it in my hands and study the grain lines and the color, it's as if I can see the form hiding within the wood. I can do work to order and enjoy that as well. But it's most special when the wood tells me what it wants to be.

You seemed to have made a real effort to become an active member of our community. Speaking as the mayor, I have to say I really appreciate all that you've done. Any advice for other newcomers to our area?

Well, I actually got volunteered to help decorate Main Street for the holidays this past December. (Waving at you, Nick Jenkins!) But as it turned out, I really had a great time, and the experience led to new friendships here in town. I'd recommend one of the community wide projects as a great way to connect with the people of Snowberry Creek.

Thanks again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to spend time with us today, Seth. And also for sharing the plum tarts!

mayor mckay