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CITIZEN SPOTLIGHT: Pastor Jack Halliday

I hope everyone will join me in thanking Pastor Jack Haliday agreeing to be this month's victim guest here at the Spotlight. We met at the Creek Cafe where he reluctantly happily answered my questions over coffee and a piece of Frannie's apple pie.

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So, Reverend Haliday, tell us how you ended up here in Snowberry Creek.

I grew up in eastern Kansas and figured that's where I'd end up living. However, I was stationed in this area while I was in the army and fell in love the Pacific Northwest. So after I finished my divinity degree, this is where I started looking for a church in need of a pastor. I will always be grateful that the good people of Snowberry Creek Community Church invited me to join their congregation.

Going from the military to become a minister is an interesting career path. Can you share a little about that journey?

The men in my family have always served in the military, so I was raised to respect that tradition and the expectation that I would follow in my father's footsteps and his father's before him. They were both in the navy, though, so I guess joining the army was my own little rebellion. I started off in the regular infantry and ended up as an Army Ranger. After my last deployment ended, I left the army to follow another calling.

Do you find your two careers have anything in common?

Yes, they do. In both situations, I knew I was part of something bigger, which gave me a strong sense of purpose and belonging.

Is there anything you'd like to share about upcoming events at the church?

We take the word "community" in our name very seriously and try to have programs for every age and interest. Besides groups that meet regularly, like our veterans' support group, we also do special events. This year we'll be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for anyone who would either like join us or donate to the festivities. Just contact our church secretary for details.

Jack, I want to thank you again for sharing a little bit about yourself and your church with us.

Until next month,