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Let me start the month off by wishing everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day. I hope you'll bring your family to the open house at the Community Church on March 17th to enjoy some traditional Irish music, shamrock cookies, and green punch!

And now to shine our spotlight on two of the newest citizens of Snowberry Creek: Sgt. Nick Jenkins and his good friend Mooch! Welcome, Nick, and thank you for coming today. You, too, Mooch!

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Thanks for inviting us, Mayor McKay. And I know Mooch appreciates those treats you've been sneaking him. Don't let the fur ball fool you, though. He might have gotten off to a rough start in life, but he's been getting spoiled rotten for some time now.

That brings up an interesting fact about Mooch, Sergeant. Can you tell us how he found his way to Snowberry Creek?

My squad and I were out on patrol one night in Afghanistan when Mooch started following us. Spencer Lang, who grew up here in Snowberry Creek, took a shine to the dog and fed him some beef jerky. We were on our way back toward camp when the dog suddenly started barking to warn us that we were walking into an ambush. He got shot in the process, so Spence smuggled him into our quarters and nursed him back to health. We managed to make arrangements to have Mooch shipped to my parents here in the States. He's been with me ever since.

I understand you've decided to make our town your new home, and you'll be opening your own business as well.

Yes, my fiancée and I are turning our house into a bed-and-breakfast, and I'm also opening my own remodeling business.

That's great news! We're always glad to welcome new business to town! And I understand we'll be hearing wedding bells soon. Congratulations to both you and Callie!

Thank you, Mayor. Everyone has been so welcoming and supportive here in Snowberry Creek. (reaches down to pat Mooch on the head) And my buddy here loves it, too. Well, except for some pesky squirrels. He pretty much hates them.

Sorry about the squirrels, Mooch! I sympathize. They raid my birdfeeders, even the ones that are supposed to be "squirrel proof." Thanks again for coming today, guys. I appreciate it, and if there's anything my office can do to help with either of your business ventures, don't hesitate to let me know.

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