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CITIZEN SPOTLIGHT: An Interview with Jean Benson

snowberry creek's Jean Benson

Reilly Molitor, reporter for the Snowberry Creek Clarion: Hi, everyone! Please join me in welcoming another longtime resident of Snowberry Creek, Jean Benson. Mrs. Benson, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed today.

Jean Benson: I was hoping you'd ask me, Mr. Molitor. You interviewed my friend last month, and she had such nice things to say about you and the whole experience.

Reilly: That was nice of her. She mentioned that you're part of the quilting guild, too. Tell me a little about what the guild does.

Jean: We all work on our individual projects, it's fun to get together with others who also love quilting. We sometimes exchange fabrics from our stashes, and we also share patterns. I love that every year we work on a mystery quilt together, with each of us making one square and then helping to do the finish work. That quilt is raffled off to raise money for our special projects.

Reilly: What kind of special projects?

Jean: We make lap quilts for senior citizens, but we also make small quilts for the local police and fire departments to hand out to children when they respond to an emergency. I believe another group in town also provides teddy bears to go along with the quilts.

Reilly: I'm sure the children and their families really appreciate that.

Jean (nodding): We've gotten some of the nicest thank you notes from a few of the recipients. We all find the work so rewarding, not to mention I've been friends with some of the members since we were young girls.

Reilly: Do you have any other hobbies that you'd like to tell everyone about?

Jean: Well, I've always prided myself on my cooking. My late husband always bragged to his friends about my special recipes.

Reilly: If you had to pick the recipe you're most well known for, what would it be?

Jean, with considerable pride in her voice: Without a doubt, it would be my special tuna casserole. It's what I make when I think a friend needs a special pick-me-up gift. You can ask that nice Tripp Blackston all about it. I've given him several.

Reilly: And what makes your tuna casserole so, um, fabulous?

Jean, already shaking her head: I'm sorry to disappoint you, but it's my secret recipe. But I'd be glad to make you one, if you'd like.

Reilly, looking a bit panicky: That's sweet of you to offer, Mrs. Benson, but my publisher doesn't allow his reporters to accept gifts. He thinks that it might compromise our integrity as journalists.

Jean: Well, I suppose that makes sense. It's a shame, though. I'm sure you would have loved my casserole. Everyone does.

Reilly: Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

After giving the matter some thought, Jean shook her head: Not really. Well, other than to say things sure have gotten more exciting here in Snowberry Creek since Abby McCree moved here. The quilting guild is much busier, and then there was all that to-do about the murder here in town.

Frowning, Jean added: Not that I think that last part was a good thing. Still, it makes for interesting times. Thank you again for including me in your interviews, Mr. Molitor. Please let me know if you change your mind about that casserole.

Reilly shook his elderly guest's hand: I'll be sure to do that, Mrs. Benson. And that's it for this month's interview.