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CITIZEN SPOTLIGHT: Corporal Leif Brevik

Let me start the month off by wishing everyone a Happy Easter. I hope you'll bring your family to the open house at the Community Church on April 19th at 1:00 to participate in an Easter Egg Hunt!

And now to shine our spotlight on another new member of the Snowberry Creek community: Corporal Leif Brevik! Welcome, Leif, and thank you for coming today. And I see your friend Mooch has decided to join us again today.

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Thanks for inviting me here today, Mayor, and for meeting me here at the park. Mooch loves it here, and I know he'll appreciate that pocketful of treats you have for him. It's amazing as much as that mutt eats that he can still run. We keep thinking one of these days it will catch up with him, and all he'll do is waddle from his food bowl to the couch and back.

Well, from what your friend Nick told us last month, Mooch spends a great deal of time warding off an invasion of squirrels. I'm guessing he burns up a lot of calories that way.

<laughing> Yeah, I guess it does. He sure hates those little varmints. He also likes to go on long runs with Nick and Callie. I do more walking than running these days, but he accompanies me on those outings, too.

I understand that you're working with Nick and Callie on remodeling the Lang house into a bed-and-breakfast. How is that coming along?

We've made good progress. Knocking out a couple of walls was great fun. Seeing their vision of what the place can become as it comes to life is really satisfying. Don't tell eyes tend to Callie, but my glaze over a bit when she starts showing us paint chips and fabric swatches, though.

A little bird told me that you and Mitch Calder have become friends. How does it feel to be hanging out with our hometown hero?

Mitch is a great guy. We met at the clinic when we were both rehabbing our legs. We also both like shooting pool.

Our police chief speaks highly of both you and Nick. I'm glad to hear that you're planning on settling down here in Snowberry Creek.

Gage Logan is a great guy. He's been really supportive of both of us. Since he was Ranger himself, he knows what it's like to transition from life in the army to civilian life here in Snowberry Creek. But the everyone here has been really great.

I'm glad to hear it. As I told Nick last month, if there's anything my office can do to help with getting your new remodeling business off to a good start, all you have to do is call. Thanks again for talking to me today and for bringing Mooch back for another visit!

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