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Everyone, welcome to a new feature here at the town website. As time and space allow, we will focus the spotlight on one of your neighbors here in Snowberry Creek. First out of the gate is Gage Logan, the Chief of Police here in Snowberry Creek! Recently, he and I met at Something's Brewing, and Chief Logan was kind enough to answer my interview questions over coffee.

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Chief Logan, not everyone knows that you were actually born and raised here in Snowberry Creek. How does it feel to be back in your hometown?

I've always loved this town and have maintained strong ties to the community even after I moved away. My parents still live here, and they were a big part of the reason that I came back. I have a lot of fond memories of growing up here, and I want my daughter to have that same wonderful experience.

I understand that you served in the military. Tell us about that.

As a member of the Army Rangers, I was honored to serve my country. I was stationed in several different places here in the States as well as several overseas deployments. When my daughter was born, I decided it was time to take a civilian position so that I could be home with my family.

And after leaving the service, you went into law enforcement. Tell us about a little about that.

I started off working patrol and worked my way up to detective for a major city police department. When Chief Green retired here in Snowberry Creek, I applied for his job. It was a chance to move back here with my daughter Sydney to be close to my family.

Is there anything you'd like to say to the citizens of Snowberry Creek?

Just to thank them all for making me and my daughter feel so welcome. That means a lot to both of us. I count myself lucky to have a job that I love in a town that I'm proud to call home.

Thank you again, Chief Logan, for agreeing to share a little about yourself with our neighbors here in Snowberry Creek.

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